Country Park

Sandringham Country Park

In 1968 an area of 142 hectares of The Queen's private Estate at Sandringham was designated a Country Park.  It has subsequently been enlarged so that today nearly 243 hectares are available for visitors to enjoy.
The Park is open every day, there is no charge for entry and parking is also free.  There are two waymarked Nature Trails, one 1½ miles long (2.4km) and the other 2½ miles long (4km), and there are many other woodland paths to explore - there is a map of the Country Park and its walks below.  

Whether you visit the Country Park in May when the rhododendrons are in bloom; in the autumn when the woods are bright with colour and the ground covered with acorns and chestnuts; or in the winter when the hoar frost may make the birch trees gleam white against a darkening sky, you will find yourself in a living landscape.