Fruit Farm

Apple Picking

The first orchards at Sandringham were planted by King George VI and the farm has been producing apples ever since.  Recently the orchards have been let to the Fruit Farm Foreman, who has set up a new venture called Sandringham Apples.  He will manage about four hectares of orchard and will produce Sandringham Apple Juice from the apple juice factory on the Estate.  He will also run Pick Your Own during the apple harvest.

The apple juice is made with apples fresh from the trees, in the apple juice factory.  Converted from a traditional Norfolk barn, this factory has been producing apple juice since 1999.  The juice is served at Buckingham Palace garden parties and Receptions, and is available for purchase at the Visitor Centre on the Estate.  The apples are pressed with a modern belt press to produce a pure apple juice with no additives other than Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant.

Eight varieties of apple juice are made:  Discovery (sweet), Katy (medium sweet), Worcester Pearmain (medium sweet), Laxton’s Fortune (sweet with a hint of pears), Cox (medium sweet), Egremont Russet (medium sweet with a slightly nutty taste), Howgate Wonder (medium dry) and Bramley (dry).