Managing Sandringham Estate


Sandringham Estate is The Queen's private estate and The Duke of Edinburgh took on overall responsibility for its management at the start of Her Majesty's reign in 1952.  One of His Royal Highness's principles has been to maintain the estate for future generations, so conservation has always been an important part of the Estate's management practices.  Over five thousand trees and several miles of hedges are planted each year, ten wetland areas have been created, sympathetic farming practices encourage many different species of wildlife, and food waste, glass, metals, plastic, cardboard and paper are all recycled.
Over 200 people gain their living from the Estate, including farmers, foresters, gamekeepers and gardeners, as well as in the visitor business and at the sawmill and the apple juice pressing plant.  More information about some of these departments can be found on the pages to the left.
In addition to the activities of the Estate itself, tenants of Estate land and properties run businesses ranging from arable and stock farming to property companies and building design.  The Estate works hard to help local farms and businesses maximise their opportunities and to help sustain the local rural economy through diversification and co-operation.