Plan Your Visit

A photograph of the Interior of Sandringham House

The Gardens are open in March. Sandringham House and St Mary Magdalene Church will reopen on 9 April 2022, the Royal Parkland and Courtyard facilities remain open all year around.

Explore Sandringham Royal Parkland this spring, by foot, by bike or with your furry friend.

The 600 acre Royal Park has two way-marked trails winding through woodlands & parkland with further unmarked paths for you to explore.

Download the Sandringham Map to find your way around.

There is now also a 20 point orienteering trial around the Royal Parkland to explore - download the Orienteering Map here

Sandringham House, Gardens and St Mary Magdalene Church are open daily until 13 October (closed Fridays).

For Covid-19 information please see our dedicated pages Covid-19.