Sandringham Newsletter

January 2018

In the Gardens over the winter staff have been very busy. The lawns have been given the final cut of the season and a start has been made on turf repairs. Herbaceous plants have been cut down for the winter – some of them, like the Gunnera, with stems and leaves folded down over the crowns to protect them during the winter. The composted green waste has been shredded and rowed up to make space for this year’s leaf collections to be mulched. Twigs and berries were collected to make wreaths and garlands for Sandringham House over the Christmas period.

On the Farm, winter wheat has been sown and sugar beet lifting is well under way.

The racing pigeon Loft Manager has started the preparation for the breeding season. He starts off by studying all of the race results from the season which has just ended, and pairing birds that have performed well. He also compares previous years’ results to look for the parents of the top winning birds with the help of pedigrees, to match suitable cock birds to hen birds. This stage takes quite some time to research and achieve good results for next season.

A busy few weeks at the Visitor Centre and in the Park included pottery courses, a charity horse ride, car rallies and of course the monthly farmers’ market, finished off with the Christmas Craft Fair. Between preparing meals and producing jams and chutneys, the chefs at the Visitor Centre Restaurant also found time to make a gingerbread village, complete with its railway line, which has been on display in the main Restaurant.

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