Sandringham Newsletter

April - May 2018

The biggest event at Sandringham in the last month was the live screening of the wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle, on a huge outdoor screen at the Visitor Centre. More than two thousand people came to enjoy the coverage on a beautiful sunny day and brought with them a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The Visitor Centre lawn was left almost spotless at the end of the day, too!

In Sandringham Park, staff are beginning to prepare for the Horse Driving Trials which will take place there at the end of June. Entry is free for spectators, and the skill of the drivers and the elegance of the sport are well worth going to see. In addition this year, members of the Coaching Club will once again be bringing full-sized coaches and horse teams; with the drivers and passengers beautifully turned out, the Club’s visit to Sandringham on Friday 29th June really will be worth seeing. In addition, on the Saturday and Sunday, there will be a Meet and Drive of the Attelage de Tradition, a group which encourages the use of traditional carriages built before 1945, and there will also be a ridden Trec event, a competition designed to test and improve the skills of trail riders.

On the Farm, all the spring sowing has now been completed. Beans, oats, wheat and sugar beet have been drilled, together with red and white clover to improve soil fertility next year.

At the Visitor Centre, the improvement in the weather in May saw an increase in the number of people visiting. Changes to the displays in the Plant Centre and a shift to a local nursery supplier have proved popular with visitors, and one of the best-sellers is the “Wire Netting Plant”, a small New Zealand shrub called Corokia cotoneaster, which is much prettier than it sounds. The Restaurant’s home-made lemon and elderflower cupcake, and rhubarb and ginger ice cream made with rhubarb from the Gardens have both been going down well, too, and the new herb garden is making an excellent display.


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